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When we design a website there are web marketing principles to be considered. We will target your websites message to specific audiences.

Marketing your web site

Marketing your website

  •  Incorporate meta tags for search engines to score.

  •  Add relevant titles to reflect individual page content.

  •  We will add detailed descriptions of the page’s theme.

  • Build the pages with keyword and key phrase relevancy in mind.

  • Manually submit to top search engines.

  • Research your competitors, assess key words.

  • Provide advice on effectively marketing your website.

If you have a website that you feel is not performing please contact us M:07929 612 557

Traditional Marketing:

There are numerous ways to promote your business. Your promotion activity does not need to be limited to online , traditional marketing can be just as effective.

If your business has a local focus, targeting local newspapers and circulars can be an effective way of leading people to your website or giving you a call. Trade or special interest publications are also worth looking at … advertise where your audience is likely to be looking. Prices will vary depending on where you are and how large the circulation is, but weigh up how many leads you would need to cover the costs. Make your ads look professional and offer incentives like special offers for readers to help lure people to your site.

Get your web address (URL) out there where ever you can – maybe a sticker on your car or a sign outside your home or office. Consider distributing flyers to relevant locations and link up with other local businesses. Focus on other avenues of marketing such as reaching out in the community, paying for marketing, billboards, etc

Taking the traditional route, there are plenty of websites offering free business cards, templates or flyer designs for you to download and customise.