Web Design = For your Charity

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A Web Site for your Charity

Changes in technology and people’s growing confidence with computers and the internet mean that all sorts of smaller organisations can now easily have an online presence.

It really isn’t difficult to set up a website and it’s a great way to promote your non-profit organisation or cause.

Great fundraising is all about great communication. A good website allows your organisation to communicate with staff, supporters, potential donors and anyone else interested in what you are doing.

In an increasingly net savvy world, having a web presence is becoming expected and a first port of call for many people seeking to find out about your charity. A website gives you credibility.

A good charity website can also deliver new supporters and funds to your organisation at minimal effort and expense.

Unlike information in leaflets a website can be updated as needed and offers an up-to-the-minute shop window for everything your organisation is involved in. For more information please call for an informal chat 07929 612 557 

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